June 26, 2009

what’s your specialty in the kitchen?

what’s your specialty in the kitchen? is what i asked you guys this week. drish and i had a cookoff this week. thats what inspired this. so far. about 26 out of 105 of you have responded… here’s what you said……

"I make a mean cereal! So mean it tried milkin me! For what I got! Neeeeeyaaaaa"

"Not cleaning it."

“‘Chicken cordon bleu”

"Outshining everyone else I know."

"hummus and roasted pepper!’

"Chicken alfredo"


"chicken stuffed w/dried fruit & rosemary, wrapped in bacon. Mmm"

"Vegan chocolate chunk cookies and shrimp scampi"

"Everything but baking I still owe u dinner"

"Baked Chesse-Stuffed Chricken breasts wrapped in bacon."

"Burning things and eating other peoples food"

"El hot pocket"

"Beef Wellington and brisket And baumkuchen cake for dessert"

"Spice rubs"

"Absolute innovation!"


"Everything pcik it i’ll make it ith luv"

"Being barefoot and pregnant"

"Bacon wrapped dates and Ice cream rolls with chocolate sauce. I’m hungry… I’m going to eat my hand."


"Getting beer"

"Lets just say I add spice"

"Eating :o)"


"Burritos, tacos, enchiladas. basically mexican food."

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